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If you would like to officiate at the 2024 Pacific Northwest Qualifier, please click the link below to log in or sign up:

 SportWrench - The Home of Sporting Events 
**you must have a current USAV number to register**


March 23-25, 2024  (Sat-Mon)


March 29-31, 2024 (Fri-Sun)

April 5-7, 2024 (Fri-Sun)  *one site, mostly local officials will be utilized


The 28th annual Pacific Northwest Qualifier (PNQ) is scheduled for play at the Spokane Convention Center, The Podium, Eastern Washington University, and the HUB Sports Center. We have teams competing in morning and afternoon waves on 51 courts. This allows us to accept approximately 90 officials including National referees, Junior National referees, National and Jr. National candidates, local Regional officials, Regional officials from other regions, and referee chair-recommended Provisional officials. 


In order to officiate at the PNQ, you must be a current USA Volleyball member in good standing and have PASSED a background screening. Please register through your local USA Volleyball region AND then on Sportwrench.


There will NOT be a mandatory officials' meeting on the evenings prior to the tournament.  Instead, we will communicate (share any tournament protocols or other related information) via email (zoom, if necessary). We will follow any USAV and WA state COVID restrictions. 


The PNQ provides a complimentary SHARED hotel room for all out-of-town officials at various hotels throughout the Spokane area for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday on Week 2) nights. You MUST WORK ALL THREE DAYS to receive accommodations.  You will be given your hotel information the week of the tournament that you work.


Lunch will be provided all three days of the tournament, with dinner being provided on Days 1 & 2 as well. Some water will be provided, but please remember to bring other snacks and additional water if you need these things to stay energized and hydrated.


The tournament will be operating a courtesy vehicle to/from the hotel and playing venues for those out-of-town officials who do not have a vehicle. Please make sure to mark this information on your reply form accurately so that we are able to arrange housing efficiently.



In addition to your hotel and meals, officials with National, Jr. National, and Regional ratings working the entire event will be paid $800-$900 each weekend, for an estimated 6-8 matches on Days 1 and 2, and 4-6 matches on Day 3 (otherwise prorated).

Provisional rated officials will be paid $700 for an estimated 6-8 matches on Days 1 and 2, and 4-6 matches on Day 3 otherwise prorated).  On Week 1 of PNQ, all Provisional officials must have a reference from their Regional Referee Chair.  For Weeks 2 & 3 of PNQ, this reference will not be needed.


Please bring your complete officiating uniform -- standard white, blue, or gray official's shirt, any past PNQ polo, navy blue slacks, black belt, white socks, white tennis shoes. Each official will also receive a 2024 PNQ polo.



Please contact Margie Ray with any and/or all correspondence via email -

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