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Court Map


1136 Washington Street

Cheney WA  99004

Courts 46-51


On any weekdays of the tournament, permit and metered parking will be enforced until 5 pm in

lots around the Phase, except for Lot P12, which is above Reese Court behind Roos Field. On the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of the tournament, Lots P9 and P12 will be available free of charge. Parking in unauthorized areas such as service drives, fire lanes, safety zones, along yellow curbs or zones, within 16 feet of a building, and in designated "no parking" areas are safety issues and will be enforced by EWU authorities

with violators subject to fines or towing.

RV's will not be permitted to park in lots overnight during the event because of limited parking.

RV's may park at meters overnight, but they can only occupy the allotted space, so slide outs and/or

awnings will not be permitted. RV parking on a space-available basis can be utilized at the privately

owned lot at Elm and North G Street for the posted fees - this lot is monitored on weekends. Information

about disability parking and/or other parking questions can be answered by contacting EW Parking

Services at 509.359.7275.

Food and Drink Policy

Outside food and small coolers will be allowed at EWU, but all coolers/team gear must remain

INSIDE the taped off team area.  Concessions will be available (item list here), and please check our RESTAURANTS page for information about Cheney restaurants that will deliver to EWU.

Water ONLY will be allowed in the fieldhouse and other gyms. All other food and drink must be

consumed OUTSIDE of the playing areas. This includes COFFEE and SPORTS DRINKS!!

Team Areas

Team areas will be located above Reese Court and in the Dance Studio.  Areas will be CLEARLY MARKED and we ask that your team bags/food stay inside the markings for safety. Please be courteous during the wave change - AM wave teams should leave their area in a timely manner so that the arriving teams have a place to put their things. Please make sure your team area is clean before leaving the site.

Entry Points

Entry for courts 49-51 will be via the lower level, look for signage that says PNQ Court Entry.  From parking lot 9, enter to the left of the ramp into the Phase buildings lower level.  Entry for courts 46-48 will be via the main Reese Court entrance. Spectators must purchase an e-ticket via Sportwrench prior to entry.  See Spectator Ticket Info page for more information on ticketing and entry.

Live Streaming

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