If you're planning to attend, please contact University Athlete to sign up.  
In addition to registering with UA, please email
for your QR code. Once you have your code, please see below for directions:


  1. Use this link to go to TicketWest: | Online Ticket Office | Event/Item List for "Pacific Northwest Qualifier" (


  1. This should bring you to the PNQ page.  DO NOT ENTER A PROMO CODE in that left box!!  Look to the right and click on the red PURCHASE button for “Team Staff and College Coaches.”


  1. This is where you enter your “Alternative Promotional Access Code,” and click GO.  This is a one time use code.  Please email to get your code.


  1. If you do not already have a TicketsWest account, you will need to make one.  If you have one, sign in to it. Follow the rest of the directions to get your ticket!


This will be all electronic!  You will get an email and text (if you choose that during the process) that will send you your ticket/QR code.  You will need to scan this on your way IN to the venue(s) AND on your way out, each day!  This is a full-session pass for Week 1 of PNQ, and works at all venues.  DO NOT FORGET to scan out when you leave, or you will not be able to get in the next day!