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teen & kid closet


PNQ is excited to announce we have begun a new partnership this year with with teen & kid closet. teen & kid closet caters to children and youth in need, providing them with fashionable, good-quality clothing and accessories for free;  giving them choices when, so often, they have none. TKC was founded in 2007 by Robyn Nance and Linda Rogers, who remain active in operations. They are backed by a dynamic, hands-on board of directors and a team of dedicated volunteers committed to helping children in need. Social workers, counselors, teachers, pediatricians, CASA/GAL ~ anyone in a position of authority who knows the child/family situation is able to refer a child to come shop and find clothing that fits and feels good. Please visit to find more information and see how you can help!

*participate in the raffle while you're at the PNQ

to help raise money for this foundation

*challenge your team/club to raise money for teen & kid closet and present it to them at PNQ


Find information on teen & kid closet at the following social media pages

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  • Facebook
  • Twitter
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