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Spectator admission passes are $35 for the full weekend, or $16 per day.  All admission passes are QR codes and must be purchased online through Sportwrench and shown at entry. There will be no in person admission purchase, so please make sure to complete it online.  Click here for Week 3 tickets!

**In order to purchase admission, you MUST HAVE YOUR TEAM's UNIQUE CODE.  Your team/club must provide this to you. This is IMPORTANT!!!!  Get your team's code BEFORE arrival!!!


Passes for each weekend will go on sale THE WEEK OF THE EVENT.


Do not move or rearrange chairs. Seating is limited due to fire laws. As soon as possible after the conclusion of the match your team has just played, please exit the court area to allow seating for the next team’s spectators.  Spectators should not take up court seating when another team is playing; seats are available for that team’s spectators. Thank you for considering this common courtesy!


Spectators must all have QR Codes purchased through Sportwrench, prior to entry.  All ticket purchases will be done online .  All adults must provide their QR Code as well as PHOTO ID when entering the facility.  Please have both items ready, to assist in keeping the lines moving.  **Your QR Code can also be printed if you do not have a phone.  This will also need to be scanned at the door.

PLAYERS and COACHES may enter the buildings beginning at 7:00am, while SPECTATORS may enter the buildings beginning at 7:30am. 

Important Information

  • Before attending, please read the Spectators Code of Conduct.

  • By purchasing admission, you are agreeing to abide by these policies.

  • Passes are for one individual only--no shared passes **  

  • All major credit cards are accepted

  • Prices include WA state sales tax​


Admission Purchase

Passes for PNQ Week One will be available March 20.

Passes for PNQ Week Two will be available March 26.

Passes for PNQ Week Three will be available April 2.

Admission Pricing & Information

        Full Tournament Pass: $35
        Single Day Pass: $16

  • Children 10 & under are free

  • This year we will be using specific codes, unique to each team, in order to make your purchase online.  During the process, you will be asked to provide the code for the team in which they are coming to see.

  • It will be the responsibility of the club to share this information with their spectators to ensure that they can purchase an admission pass. The tournament staff will not be able to share team codes with spectators, so please make sure you inform your spectators accordingly. 

We are a cashless admissions event. No cash will be accepted onsite.

QR Code Admission Instructions

  • When you purchase online, you will receive a QR code pass.

  • Each spectator will need to present their individual QR code along with a corresponding photo ID, each time he/she enters a venue. 

  • QR Codes will be scanned prior to entry and each re-entry.

  • Minors who do not have an ID must be accompanied by an adult.  

  • (If necessary, a printed copy of the QR code can be presented.)

Important Admission Information: 

If you purchase multiple Single Day Passes, please make sure to only scan ONE pass a day. 

Refund Policy

  • Submit all refund requests to no later than the night before the event by 10:00 pm PST. Refunds will then be processed in the days following the event.

  • Once a pass is scanned, it is not assignable to any other individual or eligible for refund. 

Admission Counter Availability

We will not have admission purchases available onsite. All passes must be purchased online by going to once the link is live.  Search "PACIFIC" and there will be a blue ADMISSION button!

COVID Statement

  • PNQ will abide by the City of Spokane and the State of Washington health guidelines.​

  • Currently, there are no mask mandates and we will not be limiting spectators.

  • Should things change, we will make sure to update our attendees and teams immediately. 

  • We are encouraging any teams/attendees who feel more comfortable wearing masks to do so.

  • We are also asking those who are not vaccinated to wear a mask while at the event.

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