tourney stuff

Washington State has lifted the mask mandate beginning March 12, 2022.  Masks will be optional for everyone attending PNQ 2022.  Additionally, there is no vaccine requirement to attend PNQ 2022.  COVID information will be updated if there are any changes leading up to the tournament.  


All registration is done online, through SportWrench.  More information to come!  Registration opens Oct. 1, @ 8 am PST.

Prior to the tournament, your complete roster MUST be verified by USAV through their registration/database system.

All adults on the roster must have CURRENT background checks, and be SafeSport certified. Deadlines for rosters will be posted as the tournament approaches, and emails will be sent to the address entered in the AES account for the team with important information and reminders.


Registration will open on October 1, 2022.

Team entry fees are $900 for all teams, except 11 National (if there are enough teams entered to warrant a division).  This division is $600 per team.


No refunds will be given after January 1, 2023 unless the tournament is forced to change dates/cancel due to COVID-19 restrictions or guidelines. Once a team has paid and submitted hotel information, acceptance will be noted in AES if space is available. If space is not available, teams will be notified via email of an alternate opening, or will be placed on a waitlist. 


All coaches must be IMPACT certified in order to participate in a National Qualifier. There will be no IMPACT clinic available, so please take care of this prior to arrival.


All teams must provide a certified scorekeeper, R2 (rostered adult), and two linespersons for each match that they officiate.

During a team's officiating duties, an adult listed on their roster must be AT THE SCORE TABLE during the entire match.


This tournament is one of USA Volleyball's national qualifying tournaments and is governed by the rules set forth by them. It is a mandated 3-day tournament.

In the USA & American divisions, the first two days are pool play, with the third being single-elimination bracket play. (Depending on the size of the field, some adaptations may be made to accommodate odd numbers.) In the Open divisions, challenge matches may follow pool play on the first two days, and some brackets may participate in pool play on the final day. *Typically AM Wave begins at 8 am, PM at 3:00 pm.

Bids to the GJNC are awarded in every division at the PNQ, so foreign teams are not allowed to participate.

All Open bids are determined by the number of teams in the division. The Qualifier Manual has this information.

Please refer to the Girls National Championship Manual for more information on number of bids, priority of bid use, trickle down process, etc. **TIE-BREAKING PROCEDURES

Since it cannot be determined where a team will finish, teams should not plan to travel until the evening on the third day of play. No match is scheduled later than 3 pm on the final day. **It is recommended that airline tickets be scheduled no earlier than 5:30 pm.

*No roster changes may be made once a team has commenced play.*


Make sure to enter your pre-PNQ tourney results in AES. This information is used for seeding the tournament and is very important!

**Click here for directions for entering results in AES.**


All teams requiring lodging must stay in a PNQ Partner Hotel and book through our housing partner, THS.  Hotel reservations will open October 4, 2022. 


All teams are required to check in. Failure to do so may disqualify your team from the tournament. Check-in for teams will be the night before each event from 6-9pm at the Doubletree Hotel (connected to the Spokane Convention Center).  Teams unable to check-in at this time must email April ( to make other arrangements.  

There will be no coaches' meeting. All information will be provided to you during the check-in process.  Medical release forms for ALL players should be accessible to coaches AT ALL TIMES during your stay at PNQ.  By signing your roster, the team attests that these forms will be available in either print or digital form and carried by a representative of the team.  

NO STAFF MEMBER OR PLAYER WILL BE ALLOWED TO PLAY WITHOUT A CURRENT USAV #.  A roster will be provided during the check-in process, but the person checking the team in should have a copy of the team's roster in case there is a discrepancy. Additionally, the person checking the team in will become the "team representative" and "signing agent" and will attest that the information is correct.


Make sure to download the 2023 Girls National Championship Manual (please check back soon!) so that you are familiar with the following qualifier topics and other tournament protocol:

· bid process and rules
· entry acceptance processes and criteria
· formats and play sequence
· warm-up protocol
· team responsibilities
· penalty for forfeitures
· awards for each division
· coaching certification requirements
· tie-breaking procedures
· roster rules (frozen and otherwise)


PLAYING SITES/WAVES will be posted in December or January- please check back!