Court Map


19619 E. Cataldo

Liberty Lake, WA  99016

Know your way to the courts!


Admission/Entry Points

Entry will be through the front doors. Those needing to purchase wristbands must do so at the ticket window located on the left side, between the sets of doors. Those with wristbands may show them to the attendant for admittance. All players must show their wristbands at the beginning of each wave to gain access, and ALL adults must be WEARING their wristbands to be admitted.

Food and Drink Policy

Outside food is permitted inside the HUB, but no plug-in devices will be allowed. There will be concessions available throughout the event. Click here for CONCESSIONS MENU. Please keep coolers/food bins INSIDE the marked team areas. Water ONLY will be allowed in the playing area. All other food and drink must be consumed OUTSIDE of the playing areas.

Team Areas

Team areas will be clearly marked with your TEAM NAME. These are provided for you to store your team bags/coolers/food bins. Please be courteous during the wave change—AM wave teams should leave their area in a timely manner so that the arriving teams have a place to put their things. Please make sure your team area is clean before leaving the site. Please pay attention to areas that are OFF LIMITS to the public. This facility has office space and other areas that are not open to the PNQ participants. Signage and PNQ staff will be able to assist in determining any area in question.

Live Streaming

Please check back for more information about live streaming!